CSSN Research Projects

CSSN has several initial, ongoing research projects underway.

Public Relations and Climate Politics
Public relations firms have worked with corporations, trade associations, and nonprofit organizations to develop and carry out coordinated public relations campaigns to support or oppose climate action.
Global Climate Misinformation Network
For over three decades, there has been a well-documented effort to obstruct climate action through the promulgation of climate misinformation.
Suspected Bots in Social Media Discourses on Climate
Discussions about fundamental social issues like how we should respond to the threat of climate change have increasingly shifted to online social media platforms.
State Level Efforts to Delay Climate Action
With gridlock in Washington, the initiative on clean energy and climate change in the U.S. has largely shifted to the states.
The Corporate Philanthropy of Major Oil Companies 1980 – 2018
All of the major oil companies in the U.S. have extensive corporate foundation efforts to fund a wide variety of activities, with the aim of shaping their external social and political environment to be convergent with their corporate and overall sector interests.