Photo of Kjell Vowles

Kjell Vowles

Chalmers University of Technology
Email: kjell.vowles [at] chalmers [period/dot] se

Kjell Vowles is a PhD-candidate researching climate change denial and portrayal of the climate movement in media discourses. He is interested in both literal denial of the science itself and implicatory denial of the moral and political implications of the science, and how they are articulated in the far-right media ecosystem and in legacy media. Of particular interest is how nationalism can be seen to obstruct climate change action. Kjell Vowles has a background as a journalist, reporting mainly on climate change issues for Swedish magazines and newspapers.

Kjell Vowles’s website.


Vowles K, Hultman M. 2021. “Scare-quoting climate: The rapid rise of climate denial in the Swedish far-right media ecosystem,” Nordic Journal of Media Studies. 2021;3(1):79-95.

Daniel Lindvall, Kjelll Vowles, & Martin Hultman. 2020. “Upphettning. Demokratin i klimatkrisens tid,” Fri Tanke förlag (January 2020).