CSSN is an international network of social science scholars focused on understanding the cultural and institutional dynamics of the political conflict over climate change.

About Us
Videos: Global Climate Governance In The Face Of Obstruction Conference
Recordings from the Global Climate Governance In The Face Of Obstruction conference held on June 8-10, 2022
From Big Oil to Big Green: Holding the Oil Industry to Account for the Climate Crisis
In his recent book published by the MIT Press, CSSN Scholar Marco Grasso develops a moral framework for holding the fossil fuel industry accountable and lays out its transformation toward decarbonization.
Public opinion about climate policies: A review and call for more studies of what people want
Through an article published in PLOS Climate, CSSN Scholar Malcolm Fairbrother reviews what we know about public attitudes towards climate policies and highlights the people's desire for research on alternatives to carbon taxes.
Lessons from Australia show CCUS is about capturing public opinion and public finances, not carbon
Looking at Australia's failed Gorgon project, CSSN Scholar Jeremy Walker and Dr. Kyla Tienhaara highlight how CCUS is not a transition toward a "net-zero" future for Canada but rather a cover-up for the fossil fuel industry.
Economic framing dominates climate policy reporting: a fifty-state analysis
In analyzing coverage of renewable portfolio standards in 50 U.S. states, a study by Ann Garth and Timmons Roberts finds that the vast majority of coverage used an economic frame to cover the policies.
Dead White men vs. Greta Thunberg: Nationalism, Misogyny, and Climate Change Denial in Swedish far-right Digital Media
By analyzing the reactions of four Swedish far-right digital news sites towards Greta Thunberg from 2018 to 2019, CSSN Scholars Kjell Vowles and Martin Hultman explore the overlap between anti-environmentalism and anti-feminism.

CSSN in Action

The Latest Research
The latest releases of research from CSSN Scholars around the world, advancing knowledge about climate conflicts and organizations obstructing action on climate change.
Our Working Groups
CSSN working groups bring together scholars with shared interests, for discussion and collaborative research. The working groups will provide input into the CSSN Research Agenda. The groups are self-organizing and directing, and we hope to provide seed funding.
Our Projects
CSSN scholars have several projects underway that evaluate the institutional and cultural dynamics of climate-related political conflicts.

Welcome to CSSN

CSSN Seeks to:

  • Coordinate, conduct, and support peer-reviewed research into the institutional and cultural dynamics of political conflicts around climate change,
  • Assist scholars to communicate the results of this research to policymakers, the public, and the wider climate change community, and
  • Conduct educational activities regarding the results of the research to inform the political, legal, and media communities.

Featured Scholar: Manjana Milkoreit


Manjana Milkoreit is a Postdoctoral Researcher in the Department of Sociology and Human Geography at the University of Oslo. Her research integrates scholarship on global environmental governance and cognitive theory to study actor motivations, beliefs and agency, institutional design and effectiveness related to climate change. Her current projects focus on the role of future thinking (imagination) in sustainability transformations and the study of social tipping points. Dr. Milkoreit received her Ph.D. in Global Governance from the University of Waterloo (Canada) and a Master of Public Policy from the Harvard Kennedy School.

Manjana Milkoreit’s Website

Learn more about Manjana Milkoreit.