CSSN is an international network of social science scholars focused on understanding the cultural and institutional dynamics of the political conflict over climate change.


Welcome to CSSN

CSSN Seeks to:

  • Coordinate, conduct, and support peer-reviewed research into the institutional and cultural dynamics of political conflicts around climate change,
  • Assist scholars to communicate the results of this research to policymakers, the public, and the wider climate change community, and
  • Conduct educational activities regarding the results of the research to inform the political, legal, and media communities.

CSSN in Action

The Latest Research
The latest releases of research from CSSN Scholars around the world, advancing knowledge about climate conflicts and organizations obstructing action on climate change.
Our Working Groups
CSSN working groups bring together scholars with shared interests, for discussion and collaborative research. The working groups will provide input into the CSSN Research Agenda. The groups are self-organizing and directing, and we hope to provide seed funding.
Our Projects
CSSN scholars have several projects underway that evaluate the institutional and cultural dynamics of climate-related political conflicts.

The Latest

When 'Creatives' Turn Destructive: Image-Makers and the Climate Crisis
CSSN Director of Research Robert J. Brulle is cited in Bill McKibben's New Yorker piece on public relations and advertising firms' role in promoting fossil fuels.
"Animal Agriculture and Climate Change in the US and UK Elite Media: Volume, Responsibilities, Cases and Solutions"
Environmental Communication published "Animal Agriculture and Climate Change in the US and UK Elite Media: Volume, Responsibilities, Cases and Solutions" by Silje Kristiansen, CSSN Scholar James Painter, and Meghan Shea. The authors discuss approaches to addressing the disparity in media coverage and accuracy of the agriculture industry's contributions to climate change.
115 Amazon lobbyists. 1 works on climate
CSSN Scholar Robert J. Brulle quoted by Corbin Hiar on Amazon's climate lobbying efforts in "115 Amazon lobbyists. 1 works one climate," published by E&E News.