Joshua A. Basseches

University of Michigan
United States

Joshua Basseches’ research focuses on energy and climate policy and politics in the U.S. states. He examines the roles of business interests, environmental and consumer advocacy organizations, and state-level policymakers in shaping the content of the policies that have emerged. Joshua is especially interested in the role of investor-owned utilities, and how the unique aspects of their business model and regulatory considerations affect their policy preferences when it comes to state-level renewable energy policy.


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Joshua A. Basseches. Forthcoming. “Coalitions That Clash: California’s Climate Leadership and the Perpetuation of Environmental Inequality,” Research in Political Sociology (Forthcoming).

Joshua A. Basseches. 2019. “‘It Happened Behind Closed Doors:’ Legislative Buffering as an Informal Mechanism of Political Mediation,” Mobilization: An International Quarterly (September 2019).

Joshua A. Basseches. 2018. “How Investor-Owned Utilities Can Be Induced to Support Reforms to Mitigate Climate Change,” Scholars Strategy Network Policy Brief (December 2018).

Media Coverage

Joshua A. Basseches’ research on the shortcomings of the Massachusetts Global Warming Solutions Act discussed by Ben Hellerstein and others in 100% Renewable Is What’s Needed for Massachusetts,” Environment Massachusetts Blog, July 18, 2020.