Photo of Thomas S. Benson

Thomas S. Benson

University of Delaware
United States
Email: tsbenson [at] udel [period/dot] edu

Thomas Benson is a PhD Candidate at the University of Delaware (UD) in Political Science & International Relations. His current interests include Environmental Justice, Ecological Justice, and Urban Politics. Thomas has been the recipient of a UD Dissertation Fellowship (2021-2022), an IQMR grant (2021), ISPP grant (2021), the Political Science Graduate Research Award by UD for an Exceptional Professional Paper (2020), APSA First Generation Scholars Grant (2020). Additionally, Thomas will be a Visiting Researcher at Boston University in Fall 2021. Further, Thomas has authored and edited UD’s Sustainability Report (forthcoming, 2021) through extensive delegation and collaboration between multiple stakeholders.

Thomas S. Benson’s website.


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